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Liveleak Zetas Decapitate

13 Grisly And Horrifying Videos You Shouldn’t Watch If You Want To Sleep Tonight

Liveleak What's an

Liveleak What's an

Zetas Decapitate Mother, Brother, Sister and Sister In Law ~ Borderland Beat

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7+ Sites like LiveLeak (Video Streaming, Viral Videos)

The same report cites an academic by Sue Tait that attempts to explain the enduring popularity of such violent and gory content.

  • All of the coward scum! Not brave, not tough, just fucked up and probably cruel toward other people.

  • Paz, Chivis Anonymous I see alot of people say these videos should be posted, and if people have a weak stomach or a fucked up conscience then dont watch them.

7+ Sites like LiveLeak (Video Streaming, Viral Videos)

S and the cartels definitely have the money to front.

  • If so, in which country? They help you to share viral videos just like you share all the other videos as you do on YouTube.

  • It would be better to be shot dead right there and then, rather than be captured and taken away to be tortured and killed at their leisure.