Kia k9 malaysia - 2022 Kia K9 Looks Like A Hyundai Genesis Killer

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Kia's Flagship K9 Luxury Sedan Gets a Stylish Update

K9 malaysia kia Brand Story

Brand Story

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Kia Genuine Spare Parts, Made in Korea

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Kia Genuine Spare Parts, Made in Korea

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Brand Story

Kia K9 现身马来西亚:韩系F

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are on board for easy device integration, and a standard navigation system helps you plan a path to your destination.

  • The new car will come with Fingerprint Authentication, Over the Air system upgrades, and a load of new safety tech including the ability to park itself.

  • Kia engineers have added dynamic welcome light function which will turn on the head and tail lights the moment the door is unlocked.

Can the new Kia K9 challenge the top dogs of luxury saloons?


  • Parking sensors and automatic wipers are all the valuable features of the.

  • Like the new Kia K5 formerly known as the Optima , the K9 is only available as a left-hand drive.