Ttdi mrt station - Bukit Kiara Federal Park, TTDI, KUALA LUMPUR

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Taman Tun Dr Ismail MRT Station

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KL Metropolis

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Taman Tun Dr Ismail MRT Station (TTDI MRT Station)

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Mrt station ttdi KL Metropolis

Bukit Kiara Federal Park, TTDI, KUALA LUMPUR

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Trendy bars — Semantan Station Help University is just at the doorstep of the station, making for a convenient and cheap way for students to get to and from classes.

  • TTDI is a township that is under the Kuala Lumpur City Hall DBKL as its local authority.

  • Would the originally proposed TTDI station be located at the east end of Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi? It stops nearby at 12:30 AM.

How to get to TTDI Grove Kajang in Hulu Langat by Bus, Train or MRT & LRT?

MET 3 will also be built together with a luxury condominium, 5-star hotel together with Grade A office towers.

  • In this respect, some of us fail to see the logic of the current MRT alignment as it is being made to serve commercial areas at the expense of low-density residential areas.

  • Many of the housing areas have also set-up their own security systems, and some are also set up by the folks living there on a voluntary basis.